Experience centre

EXPERIENCE CENTER, XP Center for short, is not just a building. It marks a qualitative leap in our facilities for research and development of cutting tools. It is a major investment in the future and offers access to professional expertise and new equipment for developing materials and the latest technologies. 

Development of materials and technologies

The center will be the new home for our materials team which is currently focusing on researching the properties of substrates, developing new CVD and PVD coatings and improving the implementation of the cutting edge. 

All these are key to the development of the cutting tool and also affect its performance. Our aim is to introduce high-quality, powerful tools to the market and the new XP Center serves as an excellent foundation to fulfilling this goal. 

Our XP Center will feature a modern laboratory equipped with cutting-edge technology, such as an electron microscope, 3D scanner and a machine for measuring material wear during cyclic stress. Another area our materials team will focus on is introducing new technological platforms into the production process.

Product testing

The very core of our XP Center is the modern testing room equipped with machine tools and measuring equipment. Our team in this department can now comfortably test the functional properties of product prototypes and verify whether the cutting tool meets our expectations.

All this is possible thanks to a significantly increased number of machines, specifically three new lathes and three milling centers. Every test is fed into a database of findings, which not only determines the next stage of the product's development, but is also vital for the customer's ability to use the product correctly.

And it is precisely you, our customers, who will immediately benefit from the creation of our new XP Center: our new machine park forms the backbone for efficient training and practical demonstrations of our products. This is why a further two machines are reserved purely for our customers – a lathe and a milling center.

Training for customers

The above mentioned machines reserved for demonstrations of Dormer Pramet products to our customers are a part of a comprehensive training base, which further consists of a presentation hall and several meeting rooms.

Customers can learn both theoretical information about Dormer Pramet products and see them at work in our XP Center.

Cutting Days 2017 will provide visitors with unlimited access to almost all parts of the XP Center. More importantly, guests will be able to see the machines at work during numerous demonstrations, which have traditionally attracted a huge amount of interest during our previous Cutting Days.